The Brussels Folk Club Calendar

Mar 10th       : Daithi Rua & Friends (BE/IRE)

Apr 28th        : *CANCELLED*  The Jim Cain Band (BE)

Jun 9th          : Trouveurs (Benjamin Steegen & Jeff Cardey)

Feb 10th       : Alden, Patterson & Dashwood (UK)
Jan 13th       : Smillie’s People
Dec 9th        : Flossie Malavialle (FR/UK)
Nov 11th      : Songs of Flanders’ Fields
                       Remembering World War One in folk music and stories
Oct 14th       : Antwerp Deadheadz (BE)  CANCELLED

Sep 9th        : The Lasses (NL)  

Jun 10th       : The Helen Flaherty Band (BE/SCO)
Apr 15th       : Anthony John Clarke (IRE)
Mar 11th      : Daith Rua & Guests (IRE/BE)
Feb 11th      : Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar (UK/IRE)
Jan 14th      : Club Night
Dec 10th     : The Sons of Navarone (BE)
Nov 19th     : Klezmerpolitan (UK/NL)
Oct 15th      : The Hut People (UK)    
Sep 10th     : Tim Edey (UK)                         
Jun 11th     : Flossie Malavialle (FR/UK)
Apr 9th       : Barber, Taylor & Reed (UK)
Mar 12th    : Daithi Rua & Guests (IRE) 
Feb 12th    : The Thumping Tommys (UK)
Jan 15th    : Club Night
Dec 11th   : Sally Ironmonger (ENG)
Nov 20th   : Babes in the Grass (NL) 
Oct  9th     : Peter Ceulemans (BE)
Sep 11th   : Faran Flad (UK/BE)                
Jun 12th    : Albert Niland (IRE)            
Apr 10th    : Edwina Hayes (ENG)      
Mar 13th   : Daithi Rua & Friends (BE)   
Feb 14th   : Jez Lowe (ENG)                          
Jan 10th   : Bothán (BE)             
Dec 13th  : Mistletoe (BE) 
Nov 15th  : Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin (ENG)
Oct 11th   : Paul Fogarty (Australia)     
Sep 13th  : Pepper & Shepherd (ENG)
Jun 14th  : Anthony John Clarke (IRE)
Apr 12th  : CANCELLED Gren Bartley
Mar 15th : Daithi Rua & Friends(BE)     
Feb 8th   : Kieran Halpin (IRL)            
Jan 11th  : Club Night

Dec 14th : Dave Munnelly Trio (IR/BE)
Nov 16th : Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker (ENG)          
Oct 12th  : Daithi Rua (BE)                           
                  RedCoat (BE)     
                  Faran Flad (BE)                          
Sep 7th   : Vin Garbutt (ENG)                   
June 15th : Phil & Lynda’s Farewell
April 13th : Barber & Armer (ENG)   
Mar 9th   : Sarah McQuaid (IRE)        
Feb 9th   : Gilmore & Roberts (ENG)

Dec 8th   : The Carrivick Sisters (ENG)
Nov 10th : Sally Ironmonger (ENG)
Oct 13th  : Lucy Ward (ENG)              
Sep 15th : Huw Williams & Maartin Allcock (WALES)
Jun 9th    : Daithi Rua (IRE)                  
May 19th : Club Singers Night
Apr 21st   : Anthony John Clarke (IRE)
Mar 10th  : Gren Bartley (ENG)           
Feb 10th  : Mr. John Tribute Night

Dec 9th    : Christmas Special 
Nov 11th  : Bram Taylor (ENG)            
Oct  14th  : Albert Niland (IRL)            
Sep 16th  : Jez Lowe (ENG)                   
Jun 10th  : Andar (BE)                               
May 20th : Jaywalkers (ENG)               
Apr 15th  : Bram Taylor (ENG)            
Mar 11th : Kirsty Macleod (ENG)      
Feb 12th : Kieran Halpin (IRL)            

Dec 11th : Mistletoe (BE)                    
Nov 13th : Grant Baynham (ENG)    
Oct    9th : Daithi Rua (IRL)                   
Sep 11th : Martin Simpson (ENG)    
Jun  12th : The Carrivick Sisters (ENG)
May 29th : Truckstop Honeymoon (US)
May  8th : John Vickers & Jaye Woodfield (ENG)
Apr 10th : Edwina Hayes (ENG)         
Mar 13th : Bothán (BE)
Feb 13th : Albert Niland (IR)                

Dec 12th : Mistletoe (BE)                  
Nov   7th : Allan Taylor (ENG)             
Oct  10th : Crossroads (BE)
Sep 12th : Chris Wood (ENG)      
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